Hello from K0tyk, a Kyiv-based translator and programmer. 380.cz is a server run by and for Ukrainian activists and friends. We have mail, private cloud and this file dump.

You are probably looking for the code of grassroots organization bots. Or for configuration snippets or GNU/Linux scripts, or some rare books or songs. But soon you will need to search for them elsewhere.

Ukraine is supporting Europe with work and infrastructure. Particularly with information technologies: inexpensive or even free, libre, and open-source. Did you know that BusyBox and NEXTSPACE developers are Ukrainian? In 2014, Russia invaded Europe, escalating in 2022 with a genocide of Ukrainians. For example, Russians killed the author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to Online Anonymity.

You are supporting YOUR future defended in Ukraine... Somewhat. Find how little GDP your country transfers here! How much is your politicians' luxury lifestyle paying Russia for methane and oil? How many police does your city employ to purge the homeless from occupying empty Russian mansions? How long will you keep defending the imperial "cultural heritage", preferring not to notice how its authors explicitly fought against our very right to exist?

This file host is located in a Netherlands data center and uses a Czech domain name. Most software will move from here to our Ukrainian friends' domains, servers and networks. Our symbolic share of the Ukrainian support for the profit and wealth around you is being withdrawn.

Learn about your prejudices about Ukraine and the privilege you grant our oppressors. See what went wrong, is going wrong and will do YOU wrong. You can still change course! Read https://nitter.net/NihilistLi and share our international articles with your friends.

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